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Exotic summer salad

The summer is here,  when feeling a light breeze takes you to the sea, when all you want to eat is ice cream and only drinking fruit lemonade can cool you down…It is fortunate that in such a time I was lucky to try an exotic sweet and sour salad recommended from my sister 😗.

When you get a call to try a new kind of fish salad, with flavor and a special approach, and with ingredients that make your mouth water,  you can only comply and find the necessary ingredients. I say that because it took 2 weeks to make the salad.


2 mango (slightly firm)
2 avocado
125g smoked trout (you can use your favorite fish)
2 teaspoons of capers
olive oil
salt pepper
balsamic vinegar

It was a difficult time for avocados in this part of the globe, but once I found some the salad was ready.

I cut mango and avocado cubes, using the fast methods found on the internet, I chopped the fish and added the indicated spices mixing all the ingredients  well. Of course one can add oregano or basil to taste.



It’s a quick, aromatic salad, tasty and full of vitamins.

I strongly recommend you to try!

Have a beautiful day and be mindful of the sun!


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