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Vegan mushroom spread

I know I haven’t posted in a while but I have to admit that I lost my inspiration in the last few weeks … or maybe it was  spring asthenia 😏.


This week I remembered a recipe that I tried in the winter and that was just blissful.  The idea came to me after I went shopping and found 50% off on mushrooms.

The recipe is simple and for now the best mushrooms with vegan mayonnaise that I’ve tried and was appreciated by many taste buds.


For mayonnaise                                                                              For marinade:
100 ml  of soy milk                                                                         500 g     fungus
Mustard 1 teaspoon sweet                                                                 2       bay leaves
garlic powder                                                                                       peppercorns
aromatic salt                                                                                        salt
200 ml Vegetable oil                                                                            vinegar

I cannot eat raw mushrooms and when I cook them I tend to clean  or wash them thoroughly.  Perhaps it’s a professional pet peeve. Therefore I like this recipe because I know that after good boil they are clean.20170410_211304

I started peeling the mushrooms that needed a fix. I filled a pot with water, about 50 ml vinegar, peppercorns, bay leaves and mushrooms, and cook until it boils.

Drain the water and allow to cool a little.

Meanwhile we make the mayonnaise.


Place ingredients in the blender in the order indicated:
milk, garlic powder, salt, mustard, oil.

Start the vertical blender without moving until the ingredients mix together.

P.S. If, however, the composition is too liquid add a little more oil.



Once the mushrooms cooled down,  finely chop them in a food processor.

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Add mayonnaise and it’s ready.

To add a little more spark add some finely chopped pickles (the secret ingredient) that gives the spread more flavor.

Enjoy your dinner and I hope you appreciate it.

PS. Obviously you can use canned mushrooms but I do not think it will taste the same.




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