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Sushi rice

I moved in a place that does not have a sushi place and I started to get quite fond of sushi last year. So it was up to me to try to enjoy a good sushi dish from time to time.

I watched a lot of  vlogs and read many recipes, dos and don’ts and after a good night rest – while I also dreamed of making sushi – I was ready to try.

First I have to say that my chances were thin as I began, because I did not have sushi rice. I found only short round  rice and I just had to try to see how bad it can be.


500 g short round rice

600 ml water

110 ml rice vinegar

45 g sugar

10 g salt

At first I rinsed the rice 3-4 times in cold water. After that I put the rice in a pot with water and changed the water 2-3 times until the water was clear.

After I felt the water was clear enough, I put the rice and only 600 ml water to boil on high heat. When the water started to boil I turned the heat to low, placed a kitchen towel on the the pot an covered it with the lid, arranging it so that it does not burn. I put the timer on 10 minutes and waited.

Meanwhile I made the vinegar mixture combining  the rice vinegar, sugar and salt.

After 10 minutes I turned off the heat, took the lid off a few seconds and removed the towel and put the lid again and waited for another 10 minutes.

When the timer went off I transferred the rice in a bowl and started to cool it down. I use a hand fan to cool it down and poured in  half the mixture in and fold thoroughly with a bamboo paddle to combine and try to cover each grain with it. I continued to fan it and poured in the rest of the mixture, stirring it until it was at room temperature.

I was surprised to see that the rice was sticky enough and as tasty as the ones I had eaten before.

However good it was, I had trouble rolling the sushi….because I could not find a proper sushi mat, but I managed somehow. After I practice a little more rolling the sushi I will add my sushi recipe.

First sushi rolls

I am determined to improve myself and to learn to roll the perfect sushi.

Hope it was helpful. Have a great day! And don’t forget to smile!


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