Carbonara delight

On a Monday night, the day before being on call at the hospital, I wanted to know I have something tasteful to come home to, mostly because my partner works late hours, I needed some comfort food to ease my waiting.

So after I saw the Jamie Oliver post with Friday night feast a few days earlier I prepared my fridge with all it was lacking. But I have to say I had help. Not because it is a complicated recipe but because I find it faster to have someone grate the cheese while you are chopping the other ingredients. So it was a memory we build together, and a wonderful and tasty dinner.

I cannot bore you with the ingredients…you can find them on:

We used Jambon (country ham) and Gouda cheese, and followed the recipe to the letter, but we do not own a cake tin and we managed with what we have.

Fresh rosemary 🙂 I bought a plant just for this recipe !

Hope you are inspired to try and find it as good and comforting as we did.

Have a great day and smile your way to happiness!


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